The degree awarded after the successful completion of an undergraduate programme is called a Bachelors. The two most common are the Bachelor of Arts (BA) that is awarded for Arts subjects and the Bachelor of Science (BSc) which is awarded for more science based subjects. Although whether a subject is considered an Art or Science varies between Universities. This degree is now considered a basic requirement for entry into almost any professional career.

University of Leicester BSc in Human Resource Management
Foundation Degree in Security and Risk Management (Department of Criminology)
University of Essex BA (HONS) in Business and Management (also available as a top-up)
BA (HONS) in Business and Marketing

Stafford offers an online BSc & BA Top-Ups for professionals in the Middle East and Levant who would like to further their education, even whilst maintaining a career. You can enrol on these programmes offered through the University of Leicester, an esteemed institute of higher education in the UK and the University of Essex | Online, ranked 3rd for Student Satisfaction in the UK.